Wick Light Organic Lighters

Not diggin’ the taste of butane when trying to enjoy your favorite strain?

Well then, the folks over at Wick Light have just what you need to achieve full flavor from every toke, their Wick Light Organic Lighter!

wicklight-diagramThe stealth size of this little innovation and its 4-foot spool of organic hemp twine coated in natural beeswax allows the user to easily travel with enough wick for a day’s worth of toking right in their pants pocket or pocketbook.

Wick Light’s Organic Lighter hides the spool of twine at its base, with the twine then laced through the top for easy access to the pint-sized Bic lighter that it’s designed to house.

Merely pull up the amount of twine you wish to use, flick the Bic, and its ready to ignite your selected implement of combustion.

So, just say “No” to butane and do yourself a solid by visiting Wick Light today and pick up your own Organic Lighter! (Or two or three!)

“Love your taste buds.” –Wick Light

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