The Dabomizer Kit from Santa Cruz Vape

As a seasoned product-reviewing veteran, I’ve seen just about every vape pen that’s intended to be used with hash that’s hit the marketplace. But the folks over at Santa Cruz Vape have produced what I would consider the pèn de résistance with their exceptionally designed Dabomizer!

HotBox-Approved-White-smallIn fact, the Santa Cruz Vape Dabomizer is so hot that it’s the first product of its kind to receive an exceptional quality rating from Hot Box Magazine!

What makes the Dabomizer stand alone in my estimation is the unique positioning of the 10x-wrapped medical grade titanium coil, which is located at the bottom of the thoughtfully crafted coil cup.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve seen vape pens come and go having the same concern with every unit, the coil is positioned at the top of what is typically referred to as the skillet.

I’m not sure if the folks that manufacture the top-positioned skillet-type hash atomizers have ever actually tried to smoke a glob of the good-good using one of their own designs or not, but I can assure you that they’re far from ideal for their proposed use.

But as far as I can tell, the folks at Santa Cruz Vape have taken the initiative to do what other vape pen manufacturers have failed to do, and that’s think outside of the fancy box they ship their products in.

santa vape cruzNot only have they modernized a quickly outmoded design by modifying where the coil is positioned, but they’ve made sure you achieve the optimal hit each time you use the Dabomizer by having dialed in the ideal temperature setting.

Most vape pens let you ride the power button as long as you wish, which can result in a literal meltdown of your coil and its housing. But the Dabomizer is designed with a timer that shuts the heat down after approximately five seconds of constant draw delivering a silky, consistent, clean rip with every pull.

And with the Dabomizer’s 650mAh lithium-ion battery and gold plated electrode, it will reliably grant the user with over 20 pulls a day every month.

Another advantageous attribute that makes the Dabomizer stand tall among the sea of vape pens available today is the capability to charge and chief at the same time!

Yup. That’s right!

The Dabomizer Kit comes equipped with Santa Cruz Vape’s advanced pass-through charging system and an included 1 meter USB cable, which means you don’t have to wait to vape while the battery is charging! Just plug it in and keep on keeping on!

Now that’s innovation!

santa cruz vapeIn addition to the rainbow of cool electric colors that are available to choose from, which include the purple pen we were lucky enough to review, the Dabomizer also comes with a handy dab/wax tool and a one year limited warranty.

So, if you’ve run the gamut of vape pens available on today’s marketplace and have been less than impressed, do yourself a solid and buy a Dabomizer from Santa Cruz Vape today!

You’ll be glad you did!

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