Pitch-n-Puff Golf Tee Pipe from Puffington’s

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the rough without something to puff? Or maybe you’ve found yourself just about to tee-up around tokin’ time with a sack of the good-good and nothing to smoke it with?

Well then, the folks from Puffington have you covered with their stealthily-designed Pitch-n-Puff golf tee-style one hitter!

With this unique little hitter, the daze of wondering how to catch a buzz on the back 9 are over!

Not only is the Pitch-n-Puff a fully functioning hitter for your pinch of weed, but it can actually be used in a pinch as a golf tee! How cool is that?

The manufacturers of the Pitch-n-Puff developed this one-of-a-kind one hitter that’s designed to smoke the kind after making the observation that golfers where in need of a more “gentlemanly way to truly relax on the course.”

It’s proudly made right here in the U.S.A. using durable solid brass with a powder coat finish and will help those individuals looking to “par-tee” while they’re putting, do so without drawing unwanted attention.

The Pitch-n-Puff is a great gift idea for the weed-loving golfer in your family or friends circle! And with the holidaze shopping season right around the corner, now is the time to getchoself over to http://pitchnpuff.com/and order yours today!

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See you back at the Clubhouse around #fore20!

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