MMJ Edible Review: BUZZ BROWNIE by North Shore Edibles

MMJ Edible Review:  BUZZ BROWNIE by North Shore Edibles
Written by: Comfortably Numb

BUZZ BROWNIE by North Shore Edibles

Ingredients: Sugar, Flour, Chocolate, Infused Butter (Indica), Eggs, Vanilla Extract and Salt
THC:  90mg for a 5 oz. brownie
Appearance:  Looks like a regular brownie, medium brown and darker brown and soft on the inside.
Taste:  Great buttery chocolate taste, not too sweet.  I can taste just a little of the pot, but it does not distract from this truly great tasting brownie.
Amount for Desired Effect:  As the effects are dependent upon individual tolerances, the best way to see what works for you is to start out with 1/8 of the brownie, if that does not have the desired effects, then keep going up by 1/8’s until you start to feel the effects.  I personally would not recommend eating the whole brownie unless you got nowhere to go for a day.  You can get totally amped out on a whole brownie.  Of course, you will be feeling no pain.
Effects:  Not an immediate buzz, but kicks in about 1.5 to 2 hours.  You get the body high and some head high (depending on how much you eat).   Some sleepiness, but once asleep you don’t stir.  Really and truly takes care of the pain.
Personal Recommendation:  I would highly recommend this edible.   I have back/hip issues which cause me pain, stiffness and keeps me restless at night.  My MMJ doctor suggested that high THC brownies, made from an Indica strain, would be of a benefit.  He also suggested I start out with 1/8 and work on up until I get to the dosage I need.  I went to my local dispensary and selected a couple of varieties of brownies and have found the Buzz Brownie to be the best.  I tried 1/8 of the brownie and did not get too much relief, so I went to 1/4 of the brownie.  That works great for me.   I now eat 1/4 of the brownie and am now able not only to sleep through the night, but also wake up not stiff and in pain.

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