Kandypens and Glow After Party with The Strainger

I had been in Denver for two days walking around the CHAMPS trade show smack in the middle of downtown, which is the worlds largest counter-culture trade show specializing in the “new & improved” products that line your local headshop’s shelves, when I’d heard there was going to be an epic after-party at an undisclosed dance club. It was a bracelet-only event, and acquiring a bracelet meant knowing someone with connections.

While frantically searching around the different display tables for unclaimed bracelets for me and my crew, I was stopped by a blond bombshell decked out in a white and pink outfit.

I’m not one to be suckered into a sales pitch by a pretty lady- I avoid strip bars for a similar reason: I’m easy pray.

kandypen2“Heard of Kandypens?” She smiles and hands me a vape-pen. The convention was crawling with new vape pens of different shape and size, but Kandy Pens stuck out like a popped polo shirt collar at a Megadeth concert.

A giant man wearing the same colors as the girl walks over- “Hey man”.

We start talking about conventional 3-in-1 pens, “This can do everything.” I took it as a challenge, I’m handed a pen and a sick bubbler attachment. Being in Denver I needed a vape that could handle everything that was thrown my way. A 3-in-1 would be perfect for tonight’s after party; if I could find the bracelets..

Loading the pen while walking between tables gleaming with sparkling dab rigs, I run into Tone at the Seedless booth, “You got bracelets yet?” Score.

After a few hours of trying out the dry herb feature on the pen back at the hotel, I grab some of the oil I was gifted and try out the second of the three features while traveling to the after party.

The pen had worked great with my dry herb, I was able to take big hits quickly; though a vape doesn’t do much for me personally, I was excited to load the little guy up with a steel fist of a wallop.

With some Sour Diesel oil in the mini wizard wand- I take delicious hits while yelling at our driver for driving like a blind monkey. “I’m too high for this man!” He swerves to avoid yet another car. I breathe more oil than air while the pen maintains for deep hits.

kandypen 1We find the venue and I find some fantastic shatter. The party is off the hook, three levels of craziness. Live glass blowing on stage from two of the worlds most renown artists, and open bar on every bar in the joint with tables full of dab rigs and wax. I walk around, taking the sights and smells in- recognize some faces and say high.

I pack my wax and go to town on the Kandypen.

I was taking monster rips and blowing it in my friends face like you would to quell the babblings of your drunk homie. I was impressed with the amount of wax the pen would melt- I passed it around like a water bottle at a little league game.

“Check it out maaaan.” The night dissolves into a waterfall of dab hits, free booze and club versions of classic rock songs, a little piece of heaven and a dab pen: my DARE officer was soo wrong.

Love, The Strainger

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