Hemp Seed Hummus Recipe

Hemp Seed Hummus

A nutty riff on a vegetarian classic!  Serve with gluten free hemp crackers and crudités for a cosmic experience or go full Middle Eastern and make it as a component to a mezze platter.  This is summer perfection ☺hemp-seeds-455x303

  • 1 can (about 2 cups) cooked chickpeas, rinsed
  • 3 tb. raw hemp seeds (plus more to garnish)
  • 2 large cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 tea. black pepper
  • sea salt to taste
  • 1 tea. umeboshi plum vinegar
  • ¼ tea. raw honey
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 1 tb. extra virgin olive oil
  • coriander and paprika (to garnish)Hemp-Seed-Hummus-4

Place all ingredients except for garnishes in a food processor and blend until completely smooth. If necessary, drizzle a little extra lemon juice and olive oil down the processor chute to get things moving.  Transfer to a bowl and top with coriander, hemp seeds, and paprika.

Yield:  About 2 cups

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