Edible Review: Bhang Chocolate Bars

Edible Review: Bhang Chocolate Bars

Bhang Review

There are several factors to consider when medicating with cannabis infused edibles. Some of the more common complaints I have heard are, “it tastes like I am eating a brick of hash”, ” The edible was good but the strength varies when selecting the same product again.” ” I wish I had not eaten as much of it as I did it was really strong,” and the list goes on. This is not the case with Bhang chocolate edibles. Not only do they offer a variety of selections from single and double dose bars, but they offer Indica, hybrid, and sativa offerings, as well as selections from dark to milk chocolate with pretzels in the bar.

From what I can gather the makers of Bhang chocolate bars began making fine chocolate for name brand grocery stores, and simply created a medicated version of their fine chocolate.

Each box is replete with nutritional information, packaged in stay fresh foil, and from appearance alone conveys the image of fine chocolate. With a vegan chocolate recipe that includes real cocoa Bhang bars immediately sparked my interest.

I tried a single dose Indica bar.

Info: Reasonably priced at $10 to $15 dollars (double dose), each bar (single dose) comes with 60 milligrams of THC and around 2 milligrams of CBD and CBN. Each bar is divided into four segments, and the single does Indica bar is made with dark chocolate.

Taste/Dosage: Always aware of the inconsistencies associated with most edibles, I broke one of the 4 bars in half and consumed only half. The taste was excellent, with a slight hint of cannabis flavor, combined with the sweet dark cocoa chocolate, I felt as though I was very lucky to experience such a pleasant flavor in my mouth, that in fact was so delectable it was difficult not to eat the other broken half. I am not kidding when I say that this chocolate medible is literally the best tasting of any medicated or non medicated chocolate I have ever had I am not kidding.

Recommended dosage: One half of one of the four segments.

Effects: The effects of this deliciously sweet medible begin to take effect about 15 to 20 minutes after consumption. It does not cloud the head, but you will feel the effects first in this region of your body, followed up by a superb relaxing body feeling that can alleviate arthritis, joint pain, back pain, stomach cramps, headaches and numerous other ailments as it relates to muscle stiffness, neck pain, muscle spasms, and even ocular pain. With the Indica bars in particular sleep can definitely be the end result based on dosage and tolerance. In terms of duration, small doses have had a nice lasting effect for me upwards of 6 to 8 hours or more depending on dosage. If using in segments as described you can easily have 8 doses of quality medicine, and yes if you are looking to stimulate the appetite these Indica bars will do this as well.

Overall: As a result of my experience with the Bhang Single Dose Dark Chocolate Indica Bar I was compelled to try some of their other offerings as well as another to check for consistency of flavor and effect. The results were a resounding consistent product all the way around. I have yet to have a Bahng bar and seemingly have to use a different dosage each time as when medicating with this fine delicacy the results are the same as it relates to dosage taken and flavor. Available at select collectives Bhang Bars are great for a myriad of ailments depending on the type selected.

Grade: A+++
Taste: A+++
Effect: A+++
Duration: A+++
Consistency: A+++

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