Cops Raid Okra Garden They Mistook To Be Marijuana

Cartersville, Georgia homeowner Dwayne Perry is justifiably upset after local investigators mistook his okra garden for an illegal plot of the sticky stuff.

According to Perry, the sound of helicopters hovering over his house was quickly followed by a knock on the door by from Bartow County deputies and a K-9 unit armed to the teeth and looking for weed.

“I was scared actually, at first, because I didn’t know what was happening,” Perry explained. “They were strapped to the gills.”

The fuzz had misidentified the plants from their drug suppression task force whirlybird, and instead of investigating thoroughly, they decided it was close enough to weed, so why not break out our military toys and harass an innocent taxpaying citizen for growing his own veggies.


I’m so tired of hearing about stories like this that I could literally puke!

We’ve got to stand up against this type of militarized policing of America that has gotten too far out of hand all due to fuck heads like former president Nixon and his jacked up political agenda that perpetuated the antiquated war on tokers that carries on to this day.

You can “be the change” by becoming actively involved in the fight to end marijuana prohibition on a grassroots level.

Are you with me?

Let’s get it on!

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