BlueKudu Chocolate Edible Review

Bluekudu chocolate edible review

These little guys are perfect 100mg chocolates for any occasion. This particular flavor (peppermint bark) was the last of it’s flavor in New Age Medical in Denver (a destination I would highly suggest), but there is also chocolate and a few other tasty flavors to enjoy getting medicated with.

Flavor: the BlueKudy is a new favorite chocolate in addition to being a delicious edible. Peppermint bark with a nice hint of those tasty terpenes. No chlorophyll taste to ruin your sweet tooth either!

Ingredients: even us health nuts like chocolate, and these are just that. No unnecessary additives just chocolate, peppermint and some cannabis tincture extract! Good and good for you may be an understatement on this one!

Price: $20 – at a price like this you can’t go wrong for a tasty 100mg cannabis-infused treat.

Pros: divided into 10 sections for proper dosing so you don’t get too couch locked! 10mg a piece, 100mg a bar, it’s simple marijuana math! The high starts much more quickly than I would have guessed and it is a smooth crawl to a nice level after taking 30mg. I also dosed with some OG x East Coast Sour Diesel shatter and had a very clear and pleasant uplifting high.

Cons: only downside is the size, but that’s really only an issue if you wanted more chocolate per mg, but for some this could even be a pro!

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Bluekudu medicated chocolates

Bluekudu medicated chocolates

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