Cheeba Chews to the Rescue!

Cheeba Chew

Oh, holy toledo Batman, that Cheeba Chew kept me out past curfew.  Wow – if you patients haven’t heard of Cheeba chews yet, now is the time.  The little bundles of joy can be found throughout Colorado and come in 5 various types.

The Deca dose which consists of 150+ mg of active thc. The fine people in Denver also make Hybrids,Indicas, Caramel, and now grape – Pseudo-tootsie rolls.

These are a great alternative to smoking and the effects can be felt for up to 8 hours. For between $8-22, they can be added to any patient’s regimen for alleviating the harshest of illnesses.

Cheers to the Cheeba Team!


by Benjamin Jantzen


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