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Canna-butter Coconut Medicated 

Bangin Butter – Canna Butter Recipe

To make your bangin edibles, you have to start with bangin butter. First, ingredients are the most important part of this recipe. It is imperative that you begin with full-fat, non-salted butter. Margarine will not work. The THC must bind to the fat. Also, this recipe can be done in a regular large pot, but a crock pot will work much better. The butter stays at a more constant temperature and you will loose less volume.

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools

  1. 4 sticks of butter per 1 oz of cannabis (you can use the same method described here with oil, however use coconut oil instead of vegetable oil, as it has a higher fat content) Also, with oil you will use 6 cups of oil per 1 oz of cannabis. Since coconut oil is almost white, you will know it is ready when it is a nice green color, almost a dark celery color.
  2. Cheesecloth- This is used for straining, once the oil/butter is done and you are ready to strain out the plant matter. It has a very small weave so you will be able to remove all the plant matter, while retaining your butter/oil very easily.
  3. A good size crock pot- A smaller crock pot can be used for 1 oz, but if you are making multiple ounces at a time, you will want a larger crock pot.
  4. A metal strainer- This is extremely important. If you try using a plastic strainer, whether you allow your mixture to cool or not, you’re gonna end up with a handle with a big hole in it and plastic in your butter. Not fun.
  5. Dutch Oven- Instructions on reason to follow
  6. Sheet Pan- for Deoxycarbolyzation


By a process called deoxycarbolyzation, we will begin by converting any inactive THC (THC-A) into the active ingredient called THC+. This is found in the entire plant including the seeds, stems, and trim, all of which have THC in them. There are a few nice things about baking your medication and this is one of them, nothing gets wasted. The second nice thing to find in baking medication is that there is no need to purchase very expensive cannabis, because even with cheaper cannabis, since this process so much more efficiently uses THC, the results are practically the same with less expensive cannabis (known by various names, such as ditch weed, or regs) as when a more expensive type is used (such as dank, or kush). Cannabis with a higher THC count can be used but it’s not needed. Also, if using cannabis with higher THC, you can use less of it. For example, ¾ of an ounce to 4-5 stick of  butter ratio is significant.

Once your cannabis is ground up, by hand or with a grinder (in a grinders case, a small coffee bean grinder devoted to this purpose would be best and can be bought at stores such as Target or Walmart for 10-20 dollars), lay it flat on your baking sheet and put it into a preheated oven at 275 for 15 to 20 minutes. The cannabis will turn slightly brown and possibly even smoke a bit. Do not fear as this is normal and you are not ruining your product. Once the time is up, remove cannabis from the oven and put into the crock pot. Melt the butter and add one half stick at a time to the cannabis in the crock-pot, stirring with each addition, until all four sticks have been added, then cook on high for about 2-3 hours. Every half an hour or so, check on the butter and give it a few good stirs, being sure to push any butter or cannabis that has begun to crawl up the side of the pot. Always keep the crock-pot covered to ensure it does not boil,as this will cause it to loose even more volume.

You will notice a bit of yellowish foam begin to collect on the top. This is excess water and will need to be removed, as it will otherwise begin to water down your product. The best way to do this is to use a small spoon to just skim it off the top. Once your 2-3 hours is up, pour entire mixture into a dutch oven and allow to boil up high for a minute or so. This will allow a foam to collect on the top and any excess water you did not get while skimming previously will now foam up nicely and be easier to skim off of the top.

Get a large pot or mixing bowl, one that you KNOW will not melt, and put the metal strainer inside of it. Inside of that, put in a couple of layers of cheesecloth and pour the mixture into this. Once most of the butter/oil strainers through, gather up the sides of the cheesecloth, and twist. Then, slowly push down on the twisted part of the cheesecloth. This will allow any excess butter or oil to be squeezed through into your collection pot. After that, your butter or oil is ready to be used!

The remaining cannabis can then be used for a second extraction (that is, do the entire process over again, but with a bit less). For instance, if you used four sticks of butter on your first extraction, you may only wish to use two sticks of butter on your second extraction.

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