Canna Butter Recipe

Bangin Butter – Canna Butter Recipe To make your bangin edibles, you have to start with bangin butter. First, ingredients are the most important part of this recipe. It is imperative that you begin with full-fat, non-salted butter. Margarine will not work. The THC must bind to the fat. Also, this recipe can be done in a regular large pot,

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Hemp Seed Hummus Recipe

Hemp Seed Hummus A nutty riff on a vegetarian classic!  Serve with gluten free hemp crackers and crudités for a cosmic experience or go full Middle Eastern and make it as a component to a mezze platter.  This is summer perfection ☺ 1 can (about 2 cups) cooked chickpeas, rinsed 3 tb. raw hemp seeds (plus more to garnish) 2

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BlueKudu Chocolate Edible Review

These little guys are perfect 100mg chocolates for any occasion. This particular flavor (peppermint bark) was the last of it’s flavor in New Age Medical in Denver (a destination I would highly suggest), but there is also chocolate and a few other tasty flavors to enjoy getting medicated with. Flavor: the BlueKudy is a new favorite chocolate in addition to

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