Art Slider Smoke Reduction System by Home Blown Glass

Do you prefer to get a hit of the green every time you toke your favorite implement of combustion? Then the folks from Home Blown Glass have just the thing for you! It’s their Art Slider Smoke Reduction System!DSCN1170 (1280x960)

The Art Slider’s unique design allows the user to enjoy a fresh puff of the sticky stuff with each hit. The folks from Home Blown Glass have essentially revolutionized the glass blunt by crafting a distinctive mouth piece which doubles as a packing tool.

The Pull Mouthpiece is fitted with a stainless steel clip that aligns the inner sleeve perfectly inside the outer sleeve, which is kept in position by the O-Ring Vapor Lock.

magnum instructionsTo load the cleverly-crafted device, merely pull the inner sleeve out of the outer sleeve to the desired distance, loosely pack your combustible material of choice, slide the inner sleeve forward ever so slightly to lightly pack the combustibles, roll the O-Ring Vapor Lock down to where it meets the outer sleeve to make a seal and flick that Bic!

As you finish taking your tokes, gently push the Pull Mouthpiece forward to clear out the ash and ready another puff of the stuff!

And not only is the Art Slider Smoke Reduction System a great looking piece of glass that is sure to get a lot of compliments from your glass-collecting cohorts, but it’s also customizable!

The Art Slider comes in many different styles and sizes, starting with their 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch Micros, to the massive sized Magnum that we were lucky enough to review.magnumslidersystem

In terms of collecting, the glass lover could go on an endless shopping spree with all the different Critters that Home Blown Glass has to offer, including dinosaurs, bees, frogs, ladybugs, lizards and much more!slider system 1

So, with the holidaze shopping season right around the corner, now is the time to visit and purchase your weed-loving loved one an Art Slider Smoke Reduction System today!

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