Canna Butter Recipe

Bangin Butter – Canna Butter Recipe To make your bangin edibles, you have to start with bangin butter. First, ingredients are the most important part of this recipe. It is imperative that you begin with full-fat, non-salted butter. Margarine will not work. The THC must bind to the fat. Also, this recipe can be done in a regular large pot,

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Kandypens and Glow After Party with The Strainger


I had been in Denver for two days walking around the CHAMPS trade show smack in the middle of downtown, which is the worlds largest counter-culture trade show specializing in the “new & improved” products that line your local headshop’s shelves, when I’d heard there was going to be an epic after-party at an undisclosed dance club. It was a bracelet-only

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Hemp Seed Hummus Recipe

hemp seeds 4

Hemp Seed Hummus A nutty riff on a vegetarian classic!  Serve with gluten free hemp crackers and crudités for a cosmic experience or go full Middle Eastern and make it as a component to a mezze platter.  This is summer perfection ☺ 1 can (about 2 cups) cooked chickpeas, rinsed 3 tb. raw hemp seeds (plus more to garnish) 2

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The Dabomizer Kit from Santa Cruz Vape

santa vape cruz

As a seasoned product-reviewing veteran, I’ve seen just about every vape pen that’s intended to be used with hash that’s hit the marketplace. But the folks over at Santa Cruz Vape have produced what I would consider the pèn de résistance with their exceptionally designed Dabomizer! In fact, the Santa Cruz Vape Dabomizer is so hot that it’s the first

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Pitch-n-Puff Golf Tee Pipe from Puffington’s

Have you ever found yourself stuck in the rough without something to puff? Or maybe you’ve found yourself just about to tee-up around tokin’ time with a sack of the good-good and nothing to smoke it with? Well then, the folks from Puffington have you covered with their stealthily-designed Pitch-n-Puff golf tee-style one hitter! With this unique little hitter, the

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